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Privacy Policy

(Revision 1.0 of 01/10/2019)

2REC is a software created and developed by iUP S.r.l, which offers services of listening, transcription, archiving, creation and editing of audio tracks, even with the addition of sound effects, which can be shared through instant messaging applications and social networks. Our Privacy Policy explains the steps we take to protect your privacy, such as the fact that 2REC only stores content on your device.

The terms “2REC”, “our”, “us” or “we” refer to 2REC. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) covers our applications, services, features, software and website (collectively, the “Services”), unless otherwise specified.

Collected information

2REC receives or collects information anonymously when it makes available and provides its Services, as well as when the user installs, accesses or uses the Services.

Information provided by the user

  • Information on the user’s account. The user provides 2REC their email to create an account;
  • User’s content. 2REC does not store user content on its servers during the normal performance of the Services. The user’s contents are stored only on his device or through the so-called “Cloud” services in their possession;
  • Audio notes to text transcription. The audio notes to text transcription service is provided by Wit.ai. For more information on the service and on the processing of your data, please consult the Terms of use and Privacy Policy of Wit.ai.
  • Customer Care. As a user, you agree to provide us with information regarding your use of our Services, including how to contact you in order to enable us to provide you with assistance. For example, you may send us an email containing information about the performance of our application or other matters.

Automatically collected information

  • Information on usage and access. 2REC collects anonymous information about your service usage, diagnostics and performance. This includes information about your activity (such as how you use the Services, how you interact with third parties through our Services, and the like), log files, and logs and reports related to diagnostics, crashes, the website and performance;
  • Information on operations. If the user pays to use our Services, 2REC may receive information and confirmations, such as payment receipts, including those from app stores or third parties who process the payment anonymously;
  • Information on devices and connections. 2REC collects specific information about your device when you install, access or use our Services. This may include information such as hardware model, operating system information, browser information, IP address and mobile network information, including device identifiers. 2REC may, in the future, collect information about the location of your device if you use the location features, such as when you decide to share your location with your contacts, see locations nearby or those others have shared with you and the like, and for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes should you encounter problems with the application’s location features;
  • Cookies. 2REC uses cookies to make the Services available and provide them, as well as to offer them on the Web, to improve the user experience, to understand how the Services are used and to customize them. For example, 2REC employs cookies for the web and for your computer and other web-based services. 2REC may also use cookies to identify the most popular FAQs and show you relevant content related to the Services. In addition, 2REC also uses cookies to remember your choices, such as language preferences, and to offer other personalized content on the Services;
  • Information on the status. 2REC collects anonymous information about changes in your access to and status with our Services.

Third party information

  • Information on the user provided by other users. 2REC receives information from other individuals, which may include information about you, the user;
  • Third party providers. 2REC cooperates with third party suppliers to provide, improve, understand, customize, market and provide assistance to its Services. In some cases, these vendors may provide us with user information; for example, app stores may provide us with reports for diagnostics and technical troubleshooting;
  • Third party services. 2REC allows you to use the Services in conjunction with third party services. If you use our Services in conjunction with third party services, we may receive information about you from those services. Please note that by using third party services, you accept the conditions and privacy policies that govern their use.

How information is used by 2REC

2REC uses the information at its disposal to make available, provide, improve, understand, customize, market and provide assistance to its Services.

  • Services. 2REC makes its Services available and provides them, while assisting and improving, troubleshooting and customizing the Services. 2REC understands how people use its Services and analyzes and uses the information at its disposal to evaluate and improve the Services, do research, develop and test new services and functions and identify and solve problems. We also use your information to respond to you when you contact us;
  • No third party advertisement. We do not allow third party advertising banners on 2REC. We do not intend to adopt them, but, if we ever do, we will update this Policy.

Information shared between 2REC and the user

By using our Services, you share your information, which in turn 2REC shares to make the Services available, provide, improve, understand, customize, support and market them.

  • User’s and others’ contacts. Other people with whom you share Content may also store or share information with others outside the Services;
  • Third party providers. 2REC collaborates with third party suppliers to make its Services available, provide, improve, understand, customize, market and provide assistance in relation to them. When we share information with third party vendors, we require that they use your information in accordance with our instructions and the conditions set forth or with its explicit permission;
  • Third party services. When you use third party services integrated into our Services, such third parties may receive information about what you share with them. For example, if you use a data backup service that is integrated with our Services (such as iCloud or Google Drive), that service will receive information about the data you share. If you interact with a third party service linked to our Services, you will provide information directly to those third parties. Please note that by using the services of third parties, you accept the conditions and privacy policies that govern their use.

Disposal, transfer and change of ownership structure

2REC also reserves the right to transfer your information to its affiliates, assignees or a new owner.

User information management

If you wish to manage, modify, limit or delete your information, you can do so using the following tools:

  • Services Settings. You can change the settings of the Services to handle certain information;
  • Account deletion. You may delete your 2REC account at any time (including when you wish to revoke your consent to 2REC using your information) by using the function provided in the application. When you delete an 2REC account, information that is no longer necessary for the operation and provision of the Services will be deleted from our servers. You should also be aware that when you delete your account, the information held by other users will not be changed, as will copies of the shared messages in their possession.

Law and protection

2REC may access, collect, use and share information if it believes in good faith that it is necessary to do so to: (a) respond, in accordance with applicable law or regulation, to legal proceedings or governmental requests; (b) enforce our Terms and other applicable conditions and notices, including for the purpose of analyzing potential violations; (c) detect, investigate, prevent and handle fraud and other illegal activities or technical or security issues; (d) protect the rights, property and safety of our users, of 2REC, the group of companies or any third party.

Privacy updates

2REC reserves the right to modify or update the Privacy policy. We will notify changes to the Privacy Policy as we deem appropriate and update the “Last Change” date at the top of this Policy. Your continued use of the Services will signify your acceptance of the amended Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the amended Privacy Policy, you must stop using the Services. We recommend that you review this Privacy Policy periodically.

Info on cookies

A cookie is a small text file. The websites you visit ask your browser to store cookies on your computer or mobile device.

How we use cookies

We use cookies to understand, secure, operate and deliver our Services. For example, we use cookies:

  • to provide 2REC for the web and computers and other services that are web-based, enhance your experience, understand how our Services are used and customize our Services;
  • to understand which of our FAQ articles are most popular and to show you important content related to our Services;
  • to remember your choices, such as language preferences, and to customize our Services for you in other ways;
  • to categorize frequently asked questions on our website based on popularity, understand mobile users versus the desktop users of our web-based services and comprehend the popularity and effectiveness of some of our web pages.

How to check cookies

You can follow the instructions provided by your browser or device (usually under “Settings” or “Preferences”) to change your cookie settings. Please note that if you set cookies to be turned off on your browser or device, some of our Services may not function properly.