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About us

iUP comonext

iUP is an innovative Italian startup, focusing on the development of applications for smartphones of its own design.

The company can count on a broad and solid structure, consisting of five passionate professionals in the internal team, including the two co-founders, supported by about thirty external collaborators, both on the technical and structural support sides.

Since the beginning, iUP is organized with the base of an open innovation model, acting as the only solution, capable of allowing a new reality to support the challenge within a highly competitive market such as that of mobile applications, a market that is strongly characterized by a constant innovative push both from a technical and a creative point of view and influenced by continuous new trends.

And this is exactly what open innovation means: investing in the growth and development of a company, exploiting the added value of synergies and external contributions, whether they are people, technologies or ideas.

Recently, we won the “Business Incubator 2018” contest, promoted by the ComoNExT technological center and the Como Chamber of Commerce, resulting in the best startup among over twenty participants. Following this critical step, in addition to being able to take advantage of a vital incubation path guided by the experienced ComoNExT tutors, we also had the opportunity to set up our headquarters.

But we’re not going to stop here. Our short-term goal is to access similar incubation and acceleration pathways. We are indeed participating in other important call and startup competitions at a national and European level, offering awards, services, and visibility together with an increase in the network with all fundamental elements to quickly grow our startup.

Our mission

The goal of iUP is to amplify the experience of mobile device usage through the development of applications, focusing on innovating and specific areas that, until now, have been explored only partially.

Innovation, rooted in our spirit, is the key component to achieve this goal.

The main project of iUP is 2REC, a smartphone application designed to revolutionize the approach to voice messages. Creating original and personalized audio notes, converting them to text, and store them quickly and intuitively, are just a few of the features we’re going to offer.

We aim to spread a new and engaging use of audio notes all over the world, similar to what’s already happening in the visual field where many services are available for managing and editing images, videos, and gifs. And many apps are focused in this world, making it possible to share, create, and personalize this kind of visual content.

2REC wants to do the same in the field of sounds, answering to the new needs of those using voice messages to communicate. The aim is to offer users a new and complete tool to give space to their imagination and creativity.

2REC enters the international market as a support for all instant messaging applications (WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, etc.) and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), making the communication exchange considerably more vibrant, more personal, and more unique.