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Our methods

iUP wants to interpret traditional values ​​associated with the idea of working, such as passion, commitment, and dedication, in a modern way, moving them towards economic and technological growth, in harmony with the history of a territory that has always been strongly voted to hard work.

The basic principles, underlying the corporate culture of iUP, that constitutes the guidelines to inspire every decision and operational strategy, are:
    1. Innovation

      Innovation is the main component of iUP’s spirit. We work to create new products that meet the concrete needs felt by the users and create new services that improve the user experience of technology.

    2. Quality

      We want to create applications capable of meeting practical needs while also meeting the expectations of the most demanding users. To do this, we believe it is of primary importance to achieve the highest standards of quality in every single phase of design and development.

    3. Open innovation

      Respecting such high-quality standards requires very specific and developed skills. This is why the professionals who work alongside the internal team have been selected, according to the open innovation model, on the basis of their skills, independently of the proximity to the iUP offices.
      This is one of the strengths of an increasingly digital and connected world. The company does also grow because it’s open to external stimuli, testing itself and making use of the talent of experts in every sector.

    4. Attention to the user

      Our commitment does not end when a user downloads our app, but instead, we see it as the first step in a journey to travel together, satisfying needs and expectations as they occur.
      We want to create a real community, exploiting all the usage of direct communication channels offered by social networks where we can generate an intense synergy with our users by listening to their requests, suggestions, and – why not – the criticism that will be addressed with the aim of developing the product progressively, making it more capable of fulfilling their desires.

Growing in a startup

iUP is a startup in the truest sense. Our aim is to launch innovative ideas and solutions into the market supported by a scalable business model, just like with 2REC.

But this means that we are not a company like any other. For us, daily work is a challenge made up of sacrifice, commitment, and strong motivation.

2REC is an extremely ambitious design, which aims to achieve international success in a very short time, establishing itself as a prestigious company in a very competitive and complex market such as the one of the app economy

For this reason, the right people are crucial for us. The team must be composed of talents that fully share our goals and, above all, feel connected to our project.


Just like a startup, which is not a company in the traditional sense, its employees cannot be ordinary professionals. What we ask for is a huge effort. That’s true. But we also offer a rare opportunity for exponential growth. iUP will be the gym for you where you can quickly strengthen your muscles, aacquiring technical and human skills valid throughout your career.

We are looking for you if:
    1. You take your job as a challenge to be won: you will participate in an incredibly engaging project with an excellent potential for success;
    2. You want to test yourself in order to improve: this means having a spirit of self-denial and a strong will to fulfill every task that is entrusted to you;
    3. Your attitude is proactive: you will not be a performer. Instead, we’re expecting ideas, comments, and criticism from you;
    4. You want to increase the level of your performances significantly: the daily activities will be intense, and we will teach you to juggle the most different tasks, getting the best out of yourself every time.

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